Theory Questions in Operations Management

Topics: Production and manufacturing, Enterprise resource planning, Economics of production Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: August 28, 2012
1. Define productivity. How can it be measured? How can the productivity of an organization be increased? 2. What is the transformation process? Explain the transformation process in a restaurant. 3. How is a job shop different from the batch production process? 4. What are the differences between manufacturing and service operations? 5. What are the characteristics of a good product design? 6. What is service capacity? Which strategies can be followed for service capacity planning? 7. What is service quality? What are the internal and external measures of service quality? 8. How can break-even analysis be useful in facility location planning? 9. How is the location planning of service facilities different from location planning of manufacturing facilities? 10. What are factor ratings and location ratings? How are these useful in facility location planning? 11. What is meant by the capacity of a facility? In what ways can the capacity of a facility be measured? 12. Define the terms “economies of scale”, “diseconomies of scale” and “economies of scope”? 13. Bring out the comparison between product layout and process layout. 14. What is economic order quantity (EOQ)? Explain the EOQ model of inventory with its simplifying assumptions? 15. Discuss the role of MPS, MRP and CRP in resource requirements planning. 16. Discuss the need for forecasting.

17. What is inventory? Why is inventory management required in organizations? What are the uses of inventory? 18. How is a master schedule different from the master production schedule (MPS)? 19. What is aggregate planning?

20. What is job design? What are the behavioural aspects in job design? 21. Define productivity. How can it be measured? How can the productivity of an organization be increased? 22. What is methods study? What are the factors that necessitate method study? 23. What are the...
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