Attachment Report Fomat for Marketing Students at Cut

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, SWOT analysis Pages: 5 (523 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Attachment report format

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Company description,

• Year of establishment

• Industry in which it operates

• Products or services offered

1.1 Company Background
• Departmental Functions

• How they relate to the purchasing or marketing functions?

• Trends in the development of its marketing or purchasing systems

• Source market for the organization

• Who are the main customers or clients for the organization?

• Where does the company distribute its products and how does that affect its performance?

Chapter 2: Student participation in company activity

2.1 Areas covered by the student while on attachment

• Student exposure to different departments

• Student’s creativeness

2. 2Application of theory into practice
• To discuss the integration of theory into practise 2.3 Expectation gap
• Student to discuss the differences about what (s)he expected from the university and the company 2.4Students productivity
• Productivity should be measurable and quite realistic. • Students are expected to clearly highlight the number of meetings attended, conferences and workshops attended, number of weekly or monthly reports produced during the attachment period • Productivity level should be agreeable to the industrial supervisor. Student should keep a form where all activities done are recorded which should be signed by the supervisor as a correct record of all activities undertaken by the student. • The form should be attached at the appendix as proof of productivity

Chapter 3: Situational analysis




1. Industry analysis

• Pest Analysis

2. Company Analysis

• SWOT analysis

3. Growth prospects for the organization

• What is future of the organization given the dynamics surrounding the company

• What is your forecast for the future growth trend for the company, the industry, and the economy as a whole?

• What role does the purchasing or marketing function need to play in the growth of the company?

• How can the company position itself for a vibrant growth?

Chapter 4:Company Performance evaluation


1. How is the company performing for the past 3 years students to focus on

• Company profitability

• Market share

• Production

• Cost

• Employee retention and motivation

2. How is the purchasing or marketing function contributing towards the success or failure of the organization?

3. How does the following influence company performance

• Nature of market for the company products or the nature of the company’s clients

• Suppliers of the company

• Financiers or creditors of the company

• Company image or public perception about the company

Chapter 5:Conclusions and Recommendations


1. these should be recommendations to the;

• University

• Company

2. Theoretical

• What marketing or purchasing model suits the company?

• How can the model improve company performance?

3. Practical

• What practical recommendations can you give to the company?

• What changes need to be made in the purchasing or marketing function to improve company performance?

4. Recommendations to close the theoretical and practical gap

5. Entrepreneurial gaps identified

• What marketing or purchasing recommendations can make to new or small entrepreneurs?

6. Relevance...
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