The Writing Process

Topics: The Reader, Reader, Primary source Pages: 5 (1306 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Activity A: Analyze a Task
1. David’s primary purpose in sending a message is to inform the reader that the car company will not honour the customer’s claim. The writer’s priority is to inform the reader that the company would like to honour the claim, but point out that it could not happen because the warranty is expired. 2. David’s secondary purpose in sending a message is to promote goodwill on behalf of the company. He does not want to make the company look bad in the eyes of the customers, so he will make sure to point out that the company is doing all it can to satisfy the customer. 3. The channel that is best suited to communicate this type of message is writing a letter to the customer explaining why the claim cannot be honoured. By using this channel, David is creating a record of proof that the claim was received after the warranty had expired while using a formal tone and keeping the customer relationship professional. Activity B: Anticipate an Audience’s Needs

4. The primary readers targeted by this memo are Patricia Irving, head of Wascana Investments Inc. and Jason Tucker, Chief Information Officer. 5. The professional relationship between Zedex Development and Wascana Investments Inc. is a business relationship where Wascana Investments Inc. would like to implement Zedex Development accounting software into their company. 6. The memo should convey a formal tone and should avoid using terms that are technical because some of the readers may not be familiar with the terms that are technical because some of the readers may not be familiar with the terms; the memo should be persuasive as well. A positive tone can be created by spotlighting receiver benefits which is the primary purpose of the message, and by keeping a conversational tone. Example? 7. It is known that the primary reader, Jason Tucker, is familiar with accounting software technical terms, but as for Patricia Irving, the same cannot be assumed. Taking this into account, the writer must avoid using technical terms and make the memo fairly comprehensible before sending it. 8. A positive response from the reader is what the writer must strive for. The message must persuade and highlight the benefits of the product in order to do so. 9. The president of Zedex Development, Barbara Miller, is a secondary reader who needs to be certain that the company is being portrayed as having a superior product. The group of Wascana investors, who are also secondary readers need to know about the product because they must influence Wascana to go with the product or not, and they will also be affected. Activity C: Adapt Your Message to Your Audience and its Needs 10. Problems to be addressed from the above mentioned memo are lack of focus on reader benefits, a lack of conversational tone, negative expression of ideas, and the lack of using short, familiar words. The writer uses a scolding tone which may not serve the purpose of the memo, “many employees are irresponsibly…”, this can be offending to some readers; the memo is unprofessional and not conversational because the writer is being impolite; the writer is too negative which will result in negative feedback; the writer also uses vocabulary that the reader might not understand such as “acquiesce”, “deemed”, and “termination”. 11.

Date: Feb. 17, 2010
To: All Operating Personnel
From: Management
Subject: New Safety Guidelines
It has recently come to management’s attention that many employees are unaware of the safety practices and procedures they must take to ensure their own safety and well-being. As a result of this, a new list of rules and procedures has been posted outside the main doors in Shop A. Please take the time to read and follow these guidelines as this will guarantee your safety and the preservation of the equipment. It is management’s sincere hope that you put these safety guidelines into practice for your own sake and benefit. There will be consequences for...
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