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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Insurance Claims
Everyday business owners face many risk accidents, crimes, bad weather, fires, and injuries. Many businesses can go for years without having to filling an insurance claim, but when the need arises many regret they don’t know what to do. To prepare for these claims our organizations will have to prepare themselves. To prepare organizations must plan, report, and follow up on any incidents. All business owners and employees must have training for disaster plans and reporting issues. Some planning procedures Espongol Torro will participate in are such thing as: having cameras, mock drill, uniform written report forms, and regulatory compliance. Camera footage is a great way to monitor a claim, even is a supervisor isn’t monitoring it at the time. Mock drills are drill companies and others practice for years in school. For example, fire drills and tornadoes area some children have been practicing for years. Practicing these drills will prepare people to be able to evacuate or take cover in a reasonably safe time. Uniform written reports will be provided and all employees will be instructed in the meaning of the forms, and how to correctly fill them out then report and then the follow up. If everyone complies with the laws and regulations, regulatory compliance and planning comes about by virtue. Reporting of any and all accidents is mandatory, which includes third-party incidents, fires, weather damages, and theft. The importance of reporting accidents is stressed because failure to report can result in a loss for the company, or void any insurance claim. All incidents must be report to law enforcement, reported to the companies to contact repair professionals foe repairs, contact with a competent consultant and contact with accounting assistance, if the incident involves a loss. The follow will help motivate and demand insurance professionals to take an active role in claims resolution. The follow up will also in form the consumers and public...
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