The Teacing of Multicultural Education

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“To be not just effective, but to be the Approach”

Maitha T. Rasonabe
Rizal Technological University
Special Topics in Education (PROFED11)
Ms. Lynn M. Besa


“Before we can transform the world, we must first transform ourselves”

A demanding world that we are facing today challenged us to be a proactive teacher, a transformative one who is willing to start the change and engaged in a process of self-transformation. Teacher and student go together as well as the teaching and learning process, whereby the need for understanding cultural differences and the dynamics of culture contact in an increasingly diverse society is needed.

Multicultural education promotes not only to teach “what” is the content and “how” to teach a particular subject area but it addresses that teachers must be responsive to honoring and celebrating the diversity of all the learners. That as teacher educators we must always consider that the learners is the center of the teaching and learning process. We must always think that an individual-learner is a complex well being with one or more differences that put gaps or boundaries to the learner and to the teacher.

Multicultural classroom caters not only one set of learners; a “classrooms are culturally diverse” and we need to uncover this diversity. There is diversity if children who are different in views and perspective are present.

This article would like to address the need for a transformation in teaching inside the classroom. This would discuss the important features of Multicultural Education in a laymen perspective. This article would also like to persuade and inform teachers and students on the needs for the teaching of Multicultural education. To what should be a teacher in a multicultural classroom? How should be the teaching and learning process? And what should be the implication of the teachers to their students? What is an ideal classroom setting and an ideal curriculum for learning in multicultural school? These are just some of the questions that I would like to address to you and I will try to give answers to these.


The primary goal of multicultural education is to transform the school and to cater or to have equal opportunity to all the learners to learn. According to James Banks(2001), the primary goal of multicultural education is to transform the school so that the male and female students, exceptional students, and students from diverse cultural, social-class, racial, and ethnic groups experience an equal opportunity to learn.

We do not simply mean a particular person or area for transformation but we are looking at the larger perspective for transformation. We have talked so much about Multicultural education; let us now focus with a deeper understanding on “how” teaching of multicultural education will take place into a Multicultural Education Curriculum. What are the important features of the curriculum to be considered to avoid biased judgment and biased teaching?

The seven (7) Key Characteristics of a Multicultural Education Curriculum by Paul C. Gorski. 1. Delivery
Delivery must acknowledge and address a diversity of learning styles while challenging dynamics of power and privilege in the classroom. * Vary instructional techniques.
* Lecture
* Cooperative Learning
* Dialogue
* Individual Work
* Student Teaching
* Understand the dynamics of power in the room so you do not perpetuate privilege and oppression. * Who do you call on?
* Who do you encourage to work through a problem and to whom do you provide the answer? * Challenge the notion of Teaching as Mastery.
* Ask students what they already know about a topic. * Ask students what they want to learn about a topic. * Ask students to participate in the teaching of a topic. 1....
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