The Story Sinceleaving Iclarm

Topics: Private sector, Tilapia, WorldFish Center Pages: 58 (19428 words) Published: December 26, 2012
FNI Report 14/2010

GIFT: The Story Since Leaving ICLARM (now known as The WorldFish Center) Socioeconomic, Access and Benefit Sharing and Dissemination Aspects

Raul W. Ponzoni, Hooi Ling Khaw and Hoong Yip Yee

GIFT: The Story Since Leaving ICLARM (now known as The WorldFish Center) Socioeconomic, Access and Benefit Sharing and Dissemination Aspects

By Raul W. Ponzoni, Hooi Ling Khaw and Hoong Yip Yee The WorldFish Center Penang, Malaysia E-mail to Raul W. Ponzoni: November 2010

Copyright © Fridtjof Nansen Institute 2010 Title GIFT: The Story since Leaving ICLARM (Now Known as The WorldFish Center – Socioeconomic, Access and Benefit Sharing and Dissemination Aspects Publication Type and Number FNI Report 14/2010 Authors Raul W. Ponzoni, Hooi Ling Khaw and Hoong Yip Yee Pages 47 ISBN 978-82-7613-602-9-print version 978-82-7613-603-6-online version ISSN 1504-9744 Abstract The aim of the overall project of which this report is part is to identify possible solutions for regulating access to aquatic genetic resources and legal protection of the results of research and development in aquaculture using such resources. The case study of the collaborative program on Genetic Improvement of Farmed Tilapias (GIFT) serves as a basis for comparison with two other case studies from Norway on salmon and cod. This study aims to address the following questions: How has the legal regime for GIFT material developed since leaving WorldFish? How has this affected the use and dissemination of GIFT material by the aquaculture sector (private and public sectors)? How has the transfer from WorldFish affected access and benefit sharing of GIFT material? And what are the effects on further developments and innovation of this breeding material? The report concludes that there is no doubt that the GIFT project has had an impact worldwide. Both the technology and the genetically improved fish have been widely distributed and are now known. Whereas we believe that it is fair to say that in many instances the improved fish have reached and benefitted the poor, it is also an area where gross mistakes were made. Such mistakes separated events from a path that could have benefitted the poor much more. The first miscalculation was to assume that GIFT Foundation International Inc. (GFII) was going to rapidly become financially self-reliant and that it did not require further support. This mistake led to another even greater error of judgement, the alliance between GFII and GenoMar, whereby the latter profit-oriented company obtained the right to breed and market GIFT. This decision brought about a change of focus of GFII from breeding and dissemination of GIFT fish to poor and small scale farmers to meeting the business objectives of GenoMar instead. Key Words Aquatic genetic resources, farmed tilapia, access and benefit sharing, ABS Orders to: Fridtjof Nansen Institute Postboks 326 N-1326 Lysaker, Norway Internet: Phone: (47) 6711 1900 Fax: (47) 6711 1910 Email:

Project Context The Sustainable Innovation in Aquaculture Project Objectives of the Case Study Introduction Brief Outline of the Distribution of GIFT at the End of the Project Detailed Considerations about the Multiplication and Dissemination of GIFT Immediately after Project Finalization The Situation in Perspective The Public Sector and GFII Sustainability of program initiated by public sector Development of other improved tilapia strains Contrasts between the Public Sector and GenoMar Change in focus of farmer clients and beneficiaries Divergence in research agenda, goals and priorities Lessons Learned from the Creation of GFII and its Alliance with GenoMar WorldFish Work with GIFT and Its Dissemination Origin of WorldFish GIFT Dissemination and Monitoring of the Destiny of WorldFish GIFT to Partner Countries Objectives of the survey and maintenance of a GIFT inventory The problem Approach and activities Results Brief Account...
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