The Relation between the Crucible, McCarthyism and Patriot Act

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Emily McDonald

Shop on the Main Street shot list

1. 1:32:22 – 1:32:35 Shot starts with wide shot of Tono lighting a match in a dark room. Mrs. Lautmannova is asleep on the bed right next to him. He begins to shake her awake calling her name. She awakes, startled and asks who it is as she turns and reaches for the light. 2. 1:32:35 – 1:32:39 Wide shot from slightly behind Mrs. Lautmannova. Tono urgently tells her, while she is sitting up in bed, that he has come to warn her. 3. 1:32:39 – 1:32:42 Wide shot over the shoulder of Tono as he says that they will take her tomorrow. She shrugs it off and waves her hand saying that he has been drinking. 4. 1:32:42 – 1:32:47 Wide shot behind Mrs. Lautmannova. Tono agrees that he had been drinking but insists that she goes into hiding. 5. 1:32:47 – 1:33:03 Establishing shot of Tono sitting beside the bed and Mrs. Lautmannova sitting up in the bed. Mrs. Lautmannova calls him drunk and waves her hand as he gets up and walks away, off camera to the left. She says she’ll hide him and tells him to go into the shop, she would join him, as she puts her coat on still sitting in bed. 6. 1:33:03 – 1:33:25 Wide shot of Tono in the shop glancing out the store window nervously as he sees the flashes of light and hears the singing of the Nazi celebrating. He walks out from behind the counter and sits on a chair as the camera follows. He takes out alcohol from his coat jacket, opens it but then changes his mind and closes it and puts it back. The light turns on. He looks to the left and says to not turn the lights on. 7. 1:33:25 – 1:33:52 Wide shot, slight angle up, of Mrs. Lautmannova walking in with sheets and pillows piled messily in her arms. She brings them to the counter and Tono walks into the shot asking what she is doing and if the bedding is for him. She begins to make a bed on the counter saying that things happen. She continues as Tono looks stressed, saying people quarrel the young and old, but that’s just life. Tono walks out of the shot on the left. 8. 1:33:52 – 1:34:15 Wide shot, Tono has blankets in his hand walking towards the counter where Mrs. Lautmannova is, the camera follows. He says he doesn’t understand, nobody is chasing him away. He puts the blankets on the counter and bends as he does it to be the eye level of Mrs. Lautmannova and says that she is the one he is worried about. Mrs. Lautmannova continues to dismiss his worry and turns, the camera follows and Tono is out of the shot, to the pillow and puffs it up telling him the bed will be kind of hard but he could handle it. She turns back to Tono, the camera follows back and Tono is back in the shot. She tells him go to sleep and everything will be all right in the morning. Flashes of light and singing is seen and heard from outside. 9. 1:34:15 – 1:34:26 Wide shot from behind Mrs. Lautmannova on the left tracks a half circle around her and ends at wide shot on the right, as Mrs. Lautmannova says that they will make up. She walks to the left, the camera pans, she continues to walk further away but then turns around and looks at Tono off camera. 10. 1:34:26 – 1:34:29 Wide shot. Tono leaning down on the counter, stressed, as Mrs. Lautmannova says good night off camera. He looks up right as she says it, he looks towards her off camera. 11. 1:34:29 – 1:34:31 Wide shot as Mrs. Lautmannova walks away from the camera into her bedroom. The singing from outside is heard slightly. 12. 1:34:31 – 1:34:44 Wide shot of Tono standing than walking closer to the camera and grabbing a bottle of liquor off the shelf. He walks to the bed, the camera pans slightly, and he leans on the bed wondering out loud what he was going to do. The singing is continued to be heard and flashes of light is seen coming from outside. 13 1:34:44 – 1:34:50 Tono sitting on a chair talking gulps of liqior from the bottle as he hears the singing coming from outside. He looks nervous and sweaty. There is suspenseful music playing quietly. 14. 1:34:50 – 1:34:55...
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