Leopold Locked Room Review

Topics: Marriage, Locked room mystery, Detective fiction Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Leopold Locked Room Review
The Leopold locked room written by Edward D. Hoch is a fantastic and thrilling short murder mystery story and is as unpredictable and gripping as possible, the characters appeared to be convincing and incredibly original. There are 3 main characters in this short story; Captain Leopold, Lieutenant Fletcher and Captain Leopold’s ex-wife Monica

The setting of this story is a banquet hall in sunset falls, Captain Leopold is invited to his niece Vicki Nelson’s wedding, she is marrying a young lawyer named Ted Moore. Captain Leopold is very skeptical about attending Vicki and Teds wedding because his ex-wife Monica will be there. Captain Leopold has not seen his ex-wife in 15 years so he asks Lieutenant Fletcher to attend the ceremony with him so people think he's on duty so he has an excuse to leave early.

When Captain Leopold and Lieutenant Fletcher arrive to the banquet hall in Sunset Falls, Captain Leopold tells Fletcher to stay in the car and says he will be out in a few minutes,
Leopold walks in to the banquet hall and is handed a glass of champagne, he is approached by the bride and groom and they chat for a moment and then they part ways due to the pressure of the other guests at the wedding. A little later Captain Leopold is approached by his ex-wife Monica, they have a quick calm chat and then Monica introduces Leopold to her boyfriend Dr. Felix Thursby, they converse for a moment then Monica asks Captain Leopold to step into the other room for a minute to talk in privacy, they walk into a room and Monica locks the door behind them. The room is about 30 feet square and completely unfurnished. They start talking about their marriage and Monica starts yelling then she says I’m going to ruin your life like you ruined mine. She lifts her arms in terror and screams “oh God no!” and she is shot. Captain Leopold stands there frozen, he looks down and sees his pistol in his hand, but he didn’t shoot her, if he didn’t shoot her...
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