"The Blind Side" Assessment & Treatment Plan

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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Biological Factors
Grades: Poor, teacher’s would give Mike D’s to “hand him off” to the next teacher.

Psychological Factors
Mike tends to have childhood flash back’s when he is in a bad place. •When younger his mother told him to close his eyes every time she would do something bad; crack pipe. •Protective Instincts

Father passed, but did not have an ID on him- could not be identified right away. No involved in Mike’s life. Mike would like his license so he has something to carry with his name on it. •His trust is broken easily.

Sociological Factors
Began private school.
Eventually played football.

Environmental Factors
Came from a rundown neighborhood.
High crime rate in old neighborhood.
Moved into nice, sophisticated neighborhood, low crime rate. 1.Showed his manors.
2.Went to school
3.Tried in school to get better grades
4.Was treated like a person by Mrs. Tuohy and family.
Was forcibly removed from his mother’s home, separated from siblings.

Michael was born into a bad situation to begin with; his mother was a crack addict. The neighborhood was known as a “broken windows” neighborhood, crime rate high and a lack of police presence. No one ever gave Michael a chance or believed in him until he met the Tuohy family, who changed his life. The plan that I have thought of for Michael is for him to continue living with the Tuohy family, but get in touch with his siblings. He needs to know his biological family. Sorting and organizing his life events in different factors, the majority of them are psychological factors, which should result with him seeing a counselor to relieve some of his life’s stress.
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