Psychotherapy Matrix (Appendix D)

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Psychotherapy Approaches to Disorders


October 31, 2010

Psychotherapy Matrix

Psychodynamic Therapy Approach| Behavioral Therapy Approach| Cognitive Therapy Approach| Summary of Approach| Psychodynamic Therapy seeks to bring unresolved past conflicts and unacceptable impulses from the unconscious into the conscious, where patients may deal with the problems more effectively (Feldman, 2010, p. 430).| Behavioral Therapy builds on the basic processes of learning, such as reinforcement and extinction, and assumes that normal and abnormal behaviors are both learned (Feldman, 2010, p.433).| Cognitive Therapy teaches people to think in more adaptive ways by changing their dysfunctional cognitions about the world and themselves (Feldman, 2010, p. 437).| Disorders appropriate for this therapy| Eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), and mental health disorders.| Social anxiety disorder, phobic disorders, and mental health disorders.| Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, phobic disorders, panic attacks, and mental health disorders.|

Psychotherapy Approaches to Disorders
By completing this matrix, I have learned that it is possible for all of the therapy approaches to be beneficial in treating some of the same disorders. Some probably work more effectively for certain disorders than others however; they all seem to be effective to some extent, either short- or long-term results, to all of the disorders listed. All of the therapy approaches in this matrix are directed toward mental health disorders. The matrix has also opened my eyes to realization that I have much studying to do to be able pin-point most effective treatments to certain disorders rather than generalized disorder categories.

Feldman, R. S. (2010). Psychology and Your Life. New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc..
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