Psy 490 Psychological Issue Summary

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  • Published : August 12, 2013
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Psychological Issue Summary

The Scenario
Ian is a 5 year old Caucasian male that exhibits average verbal skills, average cognitive skills, and appeared to be of average height and weight. When entering his assessment, it was noted that his clothing did not match, his hair was unkempt and his mother seemed frazzled at best. When speaking to Ian’s mother prior to Ian’s assessment she indicated that she thought the difficulties she faced with Ian were normal until his Kindergarten teacher pointed out in a parent teacher conference that they were not. She also stated that since starting school, he seems to be very hard on himself, stating that he is stupid, and or not good enough. When meeting with Ian, he exhibited rapid speech patterns, jumped quickly from one topic to the next with seemingly no correlation, and showed frustration when attempts to go back to a previous topic came up. When presented with a series of five tasks, he was only able to complete one of the tasks before getting distracted and forgetting about the other four. After his assessment, contact was made with his kindergarten teacher who stated that Ian had difficulty completing tasks, was prone to lashing out at other students verbally when confronted with his inability to do so, showed high levels of anger, and low levels of self-confidence. She also noted that he did not get along well with his peers and that he was very disruptive in the classroom. Behavioral Strategies

As a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist that helps children suffering from emotional disturbances, observing the maladaptive behaviors of the individuals can assist with helping to solve the issues that he or she may have. Children often mimic what they observe. In the case of Ian, the following action plan should be put in place which involves behavioral strategies that can help him cope with family relationships, peer interactions, academic difficulties, aggression, and social skills. Ian’s mother will need to...
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