Topics: Criminal justice, Essay, Writing Pages: 16 (3445 words) Published: April 7, 2013
ASU School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRJ-100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice
January 7, 2013 – May 8, 2013
Instructor:Coy Johnston ( if ASU email goes down) Phone:480-242-1938 (cell)

Course Description:
An examination of the organization and jurisdiction of local, state, and federal law enforcement, judicial and corrections system; their history and philosophy; career opportunities and qualifying requirements, terminology, and constitutional limitations of the system.

Course Objectives:
1. Define crime and its relationship to law.
2. Identify instruments for measuring crime.
3. Describe governmental structure and its relationship to criminal justice. 4. Describe the components of the criminal justice system. 5. Define the criminal justice system.
6. Describe the historic development of police agencies and their jurisdiction. 7. Describe the role of the prosecution and defense.
8. Identify the role of the state and federal courts.
9. Describe the criminal trial and the legal right of the accused at trial. 10. Describe the history and philosophy of corrections.
11. Define and describe the role of probation and parole.
12. Define delinquency and status offenses.

Required Text:
Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century Frank Schmalleger
12th Edition – Prentice Hall
Students also need to purchase MYCJLAB, which comes with this Text book as a package or can be purchased separately.

Course Requirements:
Introduction: Students will post an introduction in the discussion forum during the 1st module (1/7 to 1/12). The introduction will be due before 10:00 PM on 1/12. Give your name, age, city where you live and where you are from, the purpose of taking the class, any hobbies you enjoy any important information about your background and anything else that might help others understand who you are. (20 points)


Syllabus quiz: Students will complete a syllabus quiz during the 1st module to show you have read and understand the requirements. The syllabus quiz must be completed by 10:00 PM on 1/12. (30 points)

MyCJLab: Students need to purchase MYCJLAB, which is offered in a package deal with the textbook. Students must register with Pearson (into our class) once the product is purchased. Students will complete simulations in MyCJLab for each chapter on the same schedule with chapter quizzes. Students are not allowed to have multiple tries on simulations. Students are responsible to save the score after completing the simulation. If no score is saved in the grade book, a score of zero will be entered into blackboard. Students can access this lab from and register by entering instructor’s course ID: johnston97892

On line quizzes: Students will take at least one quiz per week (18 quizzes) on blackboard worth 20 points each. These will be open book quizzes from the textbook. Each quiz will be timed at 30 minutes and will be due on Saturday nights at 10 PM. See schedule on page 6. There are no extensions on these quizzes. They must be completed by the deadline in order to get the points. If students choose to procrastinate and end up experiencing computer problems on Saturday at 9:00 PM, said student will receive a zero since it was not completed by 10:00 PM. If for some far-fetched reason blackboard goes down on a Saturday evening, there is a possibly of an extension for procrastinators, but only if permission is granted prior to the deadline. That means a student must notify the instructor either by email or text, and receive permission for an extension. There is no guarantee an extension will be given, so it is recommended not to wait until Saturday to do these quizzes.

Essays: Students will write essays on assigned topics during six of the odd numbered modules starting with module three....
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