Female Gangs

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (449 words) Published: December 8, 2012

Please be advised that that these questions are intended to be used as a study guide and do not reflect all of the course material presented in class. During weeks 1-7 you will be responsible for chapters 1-3 and 9 in your text (Criminology).

Chapters 1 & 2 1. Define criminology? Why is criminology “multi-disciplinary”?

2. What are the major agencies (components) of the criminal justice system?

3. How does our changing society impact on our laws and criminal justice system?

4. What are the main objectives (purposes) of our criminal justice system?

5. Is our criminal justice system “working”? Explain. How do we evaluate?

6. Where do our laws come from? (Historically and currently?)

7. How do we classify our laws? (By age, jurisdiction and seriousness)

8. Distinguish between criminal and civil law. What are the differences?

9. Describe the adversarial system. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

10. How do we define crime? What should be considered “crime”?

11. What are the common elements of crime?

12. What are the characteristics of crime discussed in class?

13. Explain what is meant by “relativity of crime”? Give examples.

14. How did J.S. Mills, Lord Devlin and Patrick Hart define crime? With whom do you agree? What are the “ingredients of crime” as discussed in class?


15. List and explain six defences to crime. How do legal defences impact on the definition of crime ?

16. Explain the crime funnel as it relates to our definition of crime.

17. Define “correlates of crime”. List five important correlates of crime.

18. What is the correlation between age, gender and crime? Explain why.

19. What is the correlation between race and...
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