Summer Training Report on 220 Kv Substation

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A number of people have contributed to the preparation of the manuscript of this report . I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of each of them. Firstly , I would like to express ,my thanks to my institution ,SHARDA UNIVERSITY (school of engineering and technology), Greater Noida, for giving me opportunity to have my Internship in Delhi Transco Limited. In particular ,Mr. Satpal Singh , the AM of Delhi Transco Limited , Gazipur , New Delhi, who catechized in us its important working and functions. Last but not the least I thank my parents and the Almighty whose blessings are always there with me.

MD.ZEESHAN FAIZI phone no-+91-9650865622

History of power sector in Delhi
Formation of Delhi Electricity Board
About DT
Financial Turn around
Future Plan
o About the substation
Construction – Site Selection & Layout
Equipment in a 220KV Substation
o Bus-bar
o Insulators
o Isolating Switches
o Circuit breaker
o Protective relay
o Instrument Transformer
§ Current Transformer
§ Voltage Transformer
o Metering and Indicating Instrument
o Miscellaneous equipment
o Transformer
o Lightening arrestors
o Line isolator
o Wave trap
Single line diagram (SLD)
Brief descriptions of the instruments in the line diagram
Storage of equipments for the substation
Control and relay part
DC supply system


The report gives an overview of 220kv power substation . It includes electricity transmission and distribution processes at DTL , Gazipur substation .Its substation, an assembly of apparatus which is installed to control transmission and distribution of electric power , its two main divisions outdoor and indoor substation . Different equipments used in substations, Busbar, surge arrestor, Isolator, Earth switches , Current Transformers etc. Transformer which is being used here is core and shell type transformer for stepping up and down purposes. Different Instruments transformers , voltage, Current and CV transformers are also being used. finally the CVT rating which gives a total output overview.

History Of Power Sector in Delhi
            Electricity plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. It powers our houses, industries, hospitals and in fact our entire economy. Historically speaking the modern electricity industry utility system was first introduced to the world on the opening of Thomas Edison’s Pearl Street Electricity Generating Station on September 4th , 1882 at New York (United States of America). Insofar as Delhi is concerned, the position is that as per available records, the first diesel Power Station was established in Delhi in the year 1905 when a private English Company by name M/s. John Fleming was given permission to generate electricity under the provisions of the Indian Electricity Act 1903. The above mentioned Company was given the responsibility both of generation and distribution of power in a limited manner. That Company after obtaining license under the provisions of Electricity Act 1903 had set up a small 2 MW Diesel set at Lahori Gate in Old Delhi. Later on, this very Company was converted as Delhi Electricity Supply and Traction Company. In the Year 1911, the power generation was augmented by Steam Generation Station.In the year 1932, the management of Central Power House was handed over to New Delhi Municipal Committee (NDMC). In the field of power generation and distribution, a major break through was achieved in 1939 when Delhi Central Electricity Power.A uthority (DCEPA) was established. This Company was...
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