Substation Report 66/11 Kv

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This is to certify that MR.ROHIT .R. MURAI of 3rd sem.[E.E.]

having roll no: D12EE68 has succesfully completed his report

on visit at kherva 66 kv substation.

Date of submission: ____________

Head Of Department: ____________

Subject:- A Report On Visit at 66KV Sub-station at Kherva.



Murai Rohit R. (D12EE68)


Prof. R.A.Patel Prof. V.B.Patel

Prof. D.K.Shah


❖ Introduction

❖ About Substation

❖ Layout of 66kv kherva substation

❖ Equipments of Substation

❖ Detail Description of Substation Equipments

❖ Conclusion of Visit


On the pleasant day of 5th October, 2012, a great visit arranged by respected H.O.D. Prof. R.A.Patel under great supervision of Prof. V.B.Patel and Prof. D.K.Shah for the students of 3rd Sem Electrical of UVPCE. This report is based on that visit. On that day great technical knowledge is fed to students by respected staff of Kherva substation specially Jigar soni sir (junior engineer).

Mr.soni has explained control room in detailed as per technical side with reference to line diagram.He permit us to visit the Battery Room which is the heart of the substation.He also share his knowledge regarding switch yard.At the end of the day,visit was succesful as mr.soni leads us to increase our vision towards substation.

We are greatly thankful to all of who were the organizers of this a great knowledgeable visit. We are eagerly waiting for such visits in future too.

• Meaning of substation and its types:-

A substation is a place where the characteristics of electric energy is changed from one form in to the other required form.It is the link between the generation and utilization of electrical power.

Mr. soni guided us about different types of substation as follows:

Substation are of different types depending upon their requirement like Tansformer substation, step up, Industrial substation,Converter substation and depending upon spacing like Indoor type , Outdoor type , Polemounted substation etc.

A substation can be operated by three different ways:

1) Manual control substation: In this substation,the control of equipment is done manually.

2) Automatic controlled substation: In thi substation,control operation is done automatically.In this, the control signal is obtained from thesupervisory substation and the equipment is operated.

3) Supervisory substation: Such substation supervises the other substations and controls them according to the needs like opening and closing of circuit breakers and isolators,tap changing of transformer etc.It also carries out reading of meters through telemetering.

• Equipments of Substation :-

1. Incoming line

2. Lightening arrester

3. Earth switch

4. Insulators

5. Conductors

6. Circuit breaker for 66 KV (SF6 Circuit breaker)

7. Isolators

8. Transformer

9. Tap changing mechanism

10. Current transformer

11. Potential transformer

12. Outgoing line

13. Vibration damper

14. Capacitor bank

15. Carrier current equipment

16. Switch board-Control panel

17. Control room

18. A.C./D.C. Distribution board

19. Battery room

20. Fire Extinguishers

• Detail Description of...
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