Student Information System for Siena College of San Jose

Topics: Dropout, University, Education Pages: 2 (299 words) Published: November 12, 2012
1. Introduction
2.1. Purpose
The system targets to replace manual student information system. It will make the enrollment system easier, less-time consuming, and to remove long lines during the registration period. The system will be accessible through internet that will give ease for the students to check student profile and records, enrollment, school announcements, current balance, and their current academic standing. 2.2. Document Conventions

2.3. Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
The system will be made for students.
2.4. Product Scope
The system provides an online portal for students accessing information on student profile and records, enrollment, school announcements, current balance, and their current academic standing. 2.5. References

2. Overall Description
3.6. Product Perspective
The existing system that the school is currently working through manual storing of folders consists of all the information about drop-out, graduate, transferee and enrolled students, and academic standing.

We proposed a system, which is called Computerized Student Information System, to help the school to provide complete information of the student. It will help to maintain and monitor the yearly enrollees, drop outs and to keep their records. This will be ease in accessing the records needed for their will be an option for searching with the use of student number issued by the school.

3.7. Product Function
The common functions of a Computerized Student Information System are to support the maintenance of personal and study information relating to:

* Handling inquiries from prospective students
* Handling the admissions process
* Handling records of marks, grades and academic progression * Maintaining records of absences and attendance Handling personal information such as birthdays, address, name of parents, etc.

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