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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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I do believe that we are closer to artificial intelligence; however, I do not believe it can be done with singularity. I feel like there will always have to be a human behind every Ibot, robot, x-box, or any combination in between. Just like they are saying we can send a rocket into space without astronauts, which I am sure, is possible with the help of humans here on earth telling it what to do. I just do not think that technology will ever outgrow our mind power; after all it started with us in the beginning. I think humanity will be better off without the passing of singularity. It sounds scary, almost like we would lose our rights because we now have something bigger than us that are making the decisions. I am sure there would be some benefits that we could enjoy as long as it stayed in the gaming world or computer aps and things like that. I do not know for sure if we would ever have any worries about a system like HAL, in the movie mentioned, that is just a little out of my interest, science fiction is not an interest of mine so basically your guess is as good as mine. There will always be ethical implications with whatever we do, because of all the different mind sets and beliefs that not just the United States has but the World.

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