Stay-at-Home Dad

Topics: Family, Men, Marriage Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Will you let your man become stay-at-home dad?
When it comes to the question of whether women should let their men become stay –at-home dad or not, different people have different opinions to answer this question. In Western countries of Asian countries, women do not want to let their men stay at home and do housework. However, others have a tendency to let their men become a stay-at-home dad. As a Vietnamese, I believe that my husband should go out to earn money and support for my family. Speaking of society, if I become the breadwinner of the family and my husband stays at home and does housework, he will feel that he is looked down on by our neighbors, my colleagues and my parents. Because of the Vietnamese conservative culture, it is very difficult for me to accept a man, who just stays at home, takes care of our children, cooks meals, and relies solely on me for money. Moreover, my parents do not accept that I will be married with a stay-at-home dad because they will be embarrassed with their friends. Similarly, I also encounter the same problem and I would be reluctant to answer some questions about my husband’s career. As the result, I would feel uncomfortable and I could not do my business completely. Psychologically, we would be stress if my husband stays at home and does housework, which is a women’s task. Thanks to the natural of my work, I have more opportunities to get to know a lot of people, to do some bigger tasks, to dream about a prosperous life, etc. I think that housework is an easy work so eventually I may not respect my husband when he stays at home and doesn’t aim for a bigger goal of the future. Doing housework and having a lot of free time make my husband easily get angry. In this way, he will be stressful and I also get in trouble with him. Moreover, if my husband go out for working, he will like the feeling of going home and having a prepared dinner after working all day at his office. Economically, if I am the only one earning money...
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