Stuck on the Couch

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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1. Gupta is a practicing neurosurgeon at Grading Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. As a doctor, his main purpose in this essay is to explain why people does not exercise every day although they know that is fundamental to stay healthy. Moreover, he gives some advices about which are the more suitable ways to fight against our sedentary nature. 2. According to kinesiologist Steven Bray people who start the first year of college participate less exercise than before for different reasons. The first cause he mentions is the academic demands and the lack of organization in sports; then a bigger part is also that human beings have the tendency to look at life changes as an occasion to blow up the old rules and create new ones. 3. The self-control muscle is a term created by psychologist Roy Baumeister. He suggests that self-control is like a muscle, so it can become exhausted. This is why, people who during the day have to look after your children or work with a demanding boss, later they won't have enough discipline left to exercise. This becomes worse if them, appart from exercising, are under a strict diet. 4. Research shows that having a personal trainer can sometimes help, but at the same time it hurts. Being with a personal trainer means to be stick to a specific fitness program, so in this way you cant't give up during your training and you must follow the sessions. The problem is that sometimes you become really dependent on someone else to monitor your training sessions so we never develop the self-efficacy to follow a plan on our own. 5. The solutions that the author give us to solve all these problems are first of all to strengthened and trained the self-control muscle beginning with simple exercises such as sitting straighter or drinking enough water; then, he also suggests to schedule specific workout plans, like schedule to go to the gym with friends.