Specialist Area in Teaching C&G 7303 Dtlls Course Assignment One

Topics: Lifelong learning, Discrimination, Education Pages: 7 (2517 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Specialist area in Teaching


At present my specialism is Teaching Climbing activities. My role is to deliver different courses in climbing which are funded by the individual learner or the awarding body as part of their course (example BTEC). Some of the courses I cover are: Beginner courses which teach the adult learner to climb indoors independently over a period of 3 weeks. Rock club is perfect for those that have just completed a beginner’s course or returning to climbing. Technique courses are about improving your techniques so that you can progress your grade which naturally comes after the beginners course. GCSE and A ‘Level groups who are completing their BTEC Award in Public Services(equivalent to 3.5 A ‘levels) the programme is a combination of climbing skills and Techniques which involves them climbing efficiently on the wall with ease, securing their harness and demonstrating that they can safely secure their own harness independently. Appropriate use of rope and knots: Tying in with a re-threaded double figure of eight knot and a double stopper knot. Belaying and lowering off a climber. Recognising pieces of equipment and demonstrating its use effectively. Demonstrate how to tie a clove hitch and use this within a ground anchor system. Alter the height of the ground anchor and aware of different situations a clove hitch can be used for an example for a belay point outside. What does the clove hitch knot do it is a self locking knot which can be easily altered. On all these courses students are individually assessed on the skills they have achieved according to the level they have reached. This will help to confirm that the student has retained all knowledge throughout their course. They are provided with a log book to monitor and record their achievements and assessments throughout the course. At the end of each course a certificate of accomplishment is given.

I am expected to have a lesson plan which follows the Teachers Notes it consists of a warm up and stretching, climbing and belaying for example and each week a new topic is introduced. Assessments are done practically through peer observation and teacher’s observation. They have questioners that they need to fill out which assesses their knowledge and to see what they have understood and recollected in the lesson. At the end of each level achieved they have to go through an assessment which is written and practical. If one of the students finds it difficult to read the text we can provide enlarged texts or struggles with writing we do a practical assessment. Different needs are met individually for each learner. We have to quality insure all we do with each individual learner to provide the best learning outcome for the learner. We must keep the teaching to high standards, in order for high levels of student retention and achievement to be maintained. Within facilitating teaching and learning, I feel that good teaching practice needs to be adhered to in order for learning to effectively take place on a consistent basis. Using strategies such as rewarding students through ‘medal and mission,’ (Petty, 2006) allows the learner to build confidence, whilst setting realistic targets for the future. This can also be used within assessing students’ work, as developmental feedback can allow for medal and mission to take place.

I liaise with my line manager and other professionals in the organisation by attending team Standardisation meetings. This keeps us up to date with information about our organisation, teaching methods and sharing good practice. Also I liaise with NVQ assessors as I assist candidates who are learning to teach to climb. I always ask advice from my line manager or co-ordinator regarding difficulties or new resources. It is good to meet with other Climbing tutors to share good practice. It is helpful when we inform each other of new resources. If numbers in the lesson exceed 8 students I...
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