Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: May 8, 2013
-Intimacy- Closeness between two people
Four key features of intimacy -Love and/or affection , Personal validation, trust and Self-disclosure -Factors affecting commitment- The balance of costs and benefits, Normative inputs, structural constraints Benefits get from intimate relationships

Central feature of romantic love
Companionate love- warm and tender affection we feel for close others. It includes frienships, shared interests and activities, and companionships. May lack sexual attraction or dessire and produces less of the extreme highs and lows people experience from passionate love. Pg 150 Attachment theory and style

Jealousy- Occurs because of a partner’s real, imagined, or likely involvement with a third person Fear of loss, coupled with insecurity, increases the likelihood of jealousy. Commitment

Love in same-sex relationships

Traditional female sexual scripts•Expected to wait for and comply with male’s initiation, Focuses on feelings and love, Women are unable talk about sex. Some women are not comfortable about communicating their needs. Traditional sexual scripts-Expectations of how to behave sexually, Enables individuals to organize sexual situations and interpret emotions and sensations as sexually meaningful, We may modify or change our scripts, but we will not throw them away, Society regulates sexuality. Traditional male sexual scripts-Sexual competence, Ability to give partners orgasms,Sexual desire, Prolonged erection, Being a good lover, Fertility, Heterosexuality Contemporary sexual scripts men and women- Legitimate sexual activities are not limited to sexual intercourse, but also include masturbation and oral-genital sex, Sexual activities may be initiated by either partner., Both partners have a right to experience orgasm, through intercourse, oral genital sex, or manual stimulation, Nonmarital sex is acceptable within a relationship context, Gay, lesbian, and bisexual relationships are increasingly accepted, especially on...
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