Socioemotional Development

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  • Published: March 1, 2013
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Child Psychology
Study Guide Exam 3 / Chapters 10-13
Socioemotional Development
Emotion: a feeling or affect that is characterized by behavior that expresses or reflects that feeling or affect. The purposes of emotions are to signal other about how one feels, regulating one’s own behavior & plays a role in social exchange. Emotional regulation: the ability to control one’s own emotions and emotional expression. Emotional display rules help determine appropriateness. Emotional Development:

 Primary emotion- emotions that are present in humans and other animals and emerge early in life (surprise, interest, joy, anger, sadness, fear, disgust)  Self-conscious emotion- Emotions that require self-awareness, especially consciousness and a sense of “me” (jealousy, empathy, embarrassment, pride, shame, guilt)  Cry differentiation-

Basic-A rhythmic pattern usually consisting of a cry, a brief silence, a short inspiratory whistle that is higher pitched than the main cry Anger- a cry similar to the basic cry but with more excess air forced through the vocal cord Pain- a sudden appearance of loud crying without preliminary moaning, and a long initial cry followed by an extended period of breath holding  Smiling

Reflexive- a smile that does not occur in response to external stimuli, it happens during the month after birth, usually during sleep Social- a smile in response to an external stimulus, which, early in development, typically it’s a face  Fear- (peaks around 18 months)

 Social Referencing: Reading others emotional ‘cues’. Social Development in the first 2 years:
* Aware of environment and how to interact with it.
* World is responsive or unresponsive.
* Independence/dependency.
* Family relationships
* Gender awareness and gender behavior.
Social Development in Early Childhood and Middle Childhood
• Early Childhood- Secondary emotions Pride, Shame, Guilt
• Middle Childhood- Increased cognitive and language...
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