Societal Comparison on China and India

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Chapter 2
Document analysis
Source: teachings of the Rival Chinese Schools
Author: Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, Laozi
Time period:
Purpose: to compare and contrast teachings of different philosophers Tone: teachings
Audience: followers of Confucianism and Daoism
Point of view: first person
Important content: teachings
Assessment of validity: valid

Chapter 3
Time period
Society | china| India|
Characteristics of society| | |
Political| As the dynasties changed, so did the syle of leadership. For example, Qin stressed central authority wgereas the Han expanded the powers od the bureaucracy| Not very cohesive or central.| Social| The rich lived in an entirely different world from the poor.| No interaction between caste systems. | Economic| Agricultural and trade economy. Copper coins were used as money.| Agricultural economy.| Artistic| | |

Religious| Closely linked to politics. Confusiouist tolorted Daoism | Hinduism amd buddism were the largestreligions practiced in India.| Intellectual| | |
Technological| Ox drawn plow, water powered mills, and paper were invented in China| India developed Sanskrit| Military| Only people from the upper class were trained for the military| Warriors were at the top of the social pyramid| Geographic| Very secluded and isolated from outside influences| Very accessible to other countries and open to influences from the middle East and the Mediterranean. It was partially separated from the rest of Asia, especially east Asia by the Himalayas | Demographic| Not very diverse| Very diverse|

Women’s status| Seen as unimportant and as property not humans.| Seen as clever and strong willed. Celebrated for emotions and beauty| | | |
| | |

Document analysis
Source: Greek ambassador description of Mauryan court
Author: Greek ambassador
Time period: 322 B.C.E.
Political: Chandragupta Mauryan
Social: turmoil
Economic: well off
Purpose: to describe the Mauryan...
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