Social Implications of eCommerce on Society

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Task 5 (LO4 – P5 ): explain the social implications of e-commerce on society

The growing use of e-commerce has inevitably meant that society has changed and evolved to accept the change in buying habits. Terms like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” indicate just how much e-commerce has meshed itself into our culture.

5.1) Explain the social implications of e-commerce on society. The implications that need to be explained are:

• bricks and clicks e.g. high street stores having an e-Commerce facility • advantages to customers e.g`. 24/7, shopping from home, access to goods globally • disadvantages to customers e.g. card details stolen, products not as described, delivery issues • Isolation/lack of social interaction

• customer service e.g. ease of ordering, delivery
• keeping up with technology in order to use e-Commerce sites • reduction in employment
• closure of high street sites.

High street stores all over the UK mostly having an e-commerce facility present for example Tesco’s is one of the main super markets in the UK this Business has a high quality website for its online shopping customers with Tesco’s having an e-commerce website opening up in 2001 with now on a average10 million pounds of shopping bought a week this is implicates that nearly hundreds of thousands of people are shopping online this means that they are not visiting the supermarket on a regular bases this also means that they being lazy by sitting on a computer just clicking on items instead of the usual shop at Tesco’s browsing and buying their products and also socialising with the fellow shoppers and staff.

As we know e-commerce has advantages to customers. The first advantage of an e-commerce website that it is open to customers 24 hours 7 days a week this is an ease of access to customers as they would work during the open times of a high street shop this means they would not have the time during work to shop. Another advantage using e-commerce is that...
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