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Topics: Online shopping,, Electronic commerce Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: December 24, 2012
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Module 5 Case Assignment
Course Number: OPM 300

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling books and goods over the internet?

There are many advantages to selling books and goods over the internet. It allows small companies to compete with other companies locally and nationally. Creates the possibility and opportunity for more diverse types of individuals to start business and offers a convenient and inexpensive way for small firms to compete with larger companies by offering their products worldwide. It also provides higher revenues for small companies using the internet. There are also many disadvantages to selling books and goods over the internet. There is the need to manage upgrades, ensure there is web security to assist in not becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. Additionally there is the cost required to maintain a website that is comforting to the eyes and draws consumers into buying online. Lastly there is the difficulty in finding qualified consultants and retaining qualified and reliable employees.

2. If books can be downloaded online, how will Amazon's business change? Amazon is a huge online retailer that is in constant evolution, along with its active CEO, Jeff Bezos ( inc, 1996-2012).  Amazon currently sells eBooks, and in addition has created a new product called, Kindle. It is an electronic reader where users can buy a book and have it electronically transmitted to their Kindle in seconds using a wireless system.  If (currently) books are solely or primarily downloaded online, Amazon will lead the way of the future in the world of books of which it was founded.

3. What do traditional stores have to gain from setting up an e-commerce side to complement their retail stores?

Traditional stores have much to gain from setting up an e-commerce site to complement their retail stores. First you are able to stand out from the competition and save your customers a trip to the...
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