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1. Enter the value of the program as a marketing channel ans:
2. surf home and check wheather (and how)the company provides service to costumers with different skill levels particularly check the "kitchen and bath design center"and other self-configuration assistance.relate this to market research. ans: the company provides a many of goods from appliances to tools and hard ware for new consructions or for re-construction of their houses to the costumers.they provide free shipping and cosutmer can buy the same product by online or thier store with installation services and financing for six months over the cost of $299. they provide kitcen cabinets,countertops ,faucets and sinks. they guides us in a perfect way to plan for a good kitchen with a seperate kitchen installation staff. additionally they also provides eletrical,flooring and paints etc.. 3. examine a market research web site(e.g-nielsen .com(or) what might motivate a consumer to provide answers to market reseach questions. ans. consumer place their trust in the information - unique in the market research industry for its speed, accuracy, quality and coverage. They depend on highly developed software tools and count on highly trained people to provide market knowledge, professional expertise and marketing insight. company focus on consumer marketing and media measurement to help them . the clients answer their most pressing marketing and media information questions. And they answer those questions with the richest, most comprehensive media and market information, professional service and analytical tools in thier industry. 4. enter mysimon .com and share your experiences about how the information you provide might be used by the company for marketing in a specific industry(e.g.the clothing market). ans: in a clothing market industry of my simon they uses the information provided by us in making...
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