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Diploma in Media and Communication
School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences
Singapore Polytechnic

SC7750 Radio and Television Production and Management
Semester 1 2013/2014

Continual Assessment 1
Individual Project

Name: Brennan Quek Yu Xuan
Class: DMC03
Admin no: P1234624

“The Afro Show” proposal.

“The Afro Show” is a special one hour-long radio show for SPACEradio. Featuring music from 2 genres, Disco and Funk, it aims to allow its listeners to know more about and get in touch with the music culture from the early 70s till the late 80’s.

-Theme and Format-

The format of “The Afro Show” would be Oldies, where music from the 70’s and 80’s would be played.

Based on the popular 1977 dance movie franchise “Saturday night fever”, the theme for the show would be a 70’s Disco Bonanza where it exudes fun and partying lifestyle. It would be a casual show, which promotes the 70’s disco culture of having fun and getting down to boogie and relax. Coupled the music genre of Disco and Funk, reigniting the memories and letting more people know of and appreciate Funk and Disco culture would be the ultimate goal of the show.

-Genre -

If there was ever a musical style to describe a decade, Disco was the definition of the 1970s while Funk was the face of it. Both genres feature songs and artist that people are still dancing to even till today. The music that would be played includes disco hits from the 70’s and 80’s. Some of the tracks that would be played include “September” by Earth Wind and Fire, “Funky Men” by James brown, “Pretty Young Thing” by Michael Jackson and various hits from artists

SC7750 Radio and Television Production and Management
Diploma in Media and Communication
School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences
Singapore Polytechnic

such as Gloria Gaynor, The Bee Gees, ABBA and Chic. These were the more prominent artist who left a mark during the disco era back in the 70’s and many youths still recognize their music today, making the genre choice of Disco and Funk appealing.

-Target Audience-

The target audience of the show would be youths whose ages are of 18 to 20 years old, mainly the students of Singapore Polytechnic and adults aged between 22-55, mainly the lecturers teaching in Singapore Polytechnic. A show which features funk and disco related content would definitely appeal to the target audience because both Disco and Funk music played an important role in the development of dance music that we know of today. Dance music has a huge influence over the youths of today with dance hits such as “Titanium” from David Guetta topping charts all over the world. Both the Funk and Disco genre play an important role in the development of dance music that we know of today. Thus, getting to know more about how this dance music craze first started and how clubbing music was like back in the 70’s would fulfill their curiosity on how music was like back in the past. Adults would definitely be able to relate to the contents of the show as well as it would feel like a blast from the past for them. Being able to hear all the greatest hits and favorites of their time would definitely relive the 70’s disco fever times for them and make them reminisce in their pasts.

-Special Guest-

Zarinah is a 28-year-old Funk and RnB singer born and raised in Singapore. Her name is prominent in Singapore’s music scene for being one of the few funk singers in the scene. Her song covers on 70’s funk artistes like Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and Stevie Wonder has gained thousands of hits of Youtube. One of her most recent achievements would be her top 40 placing out of thousands of entries and getting the chance to go on television for a chance to compete for the top spot in local singing competition “The Final One”, which is being broadcasted on Channel 5 currently. Being a former student of Singapore Polytechnic as...
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