1970s Fads and Fashion

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Fads, Fashions and Musicians of the 1970’s

The 1970’s were a time of disco, music and rock and roll. This brochure will show you a little bit of everything from the decade, beginning with the “Fads.” The film Saturday Night Fever in 1977, starring John Travolta emphasized the discotheque of the 70s. John Travolta’s acting career got bigger after the movie and he later went on to act in “Grease” of 1978. Grease was one of the biggest musicals and is still known today. The soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever was the 1st Best Selling Soundtrack of that year, followed by Grease. Fashion wasn’t as big in the 1970’s as it was in other decades because styles either just ended or started a beginning in the 70s and continued on in other years. Styles from both genders included platform shoes, flare pants and fitted blazers. Women’s fashions got more revealing in the 70s especially compared to the 60s. Bottoms included hot pants; tight-fitting from the top to the bottom, bell-bottoms or flare pants which were fitted until the knee where they flared out to the feet, nylon jogging suits and miniskirts that reach the thigh. Maxi, empire-line, granny and halter-neck were all different types of dresses that ladies wore with platform shoes. Trouser suits and cat suits were full body clothing. The cat suit was inspired by Cat woman and further influenced by the Sex Pistols. The British band encouraged going against the “normal” and dressed in a punk-rock manner. Tie-dye was a huge part of the fashion of the 1960s that continued on to the 1970s and was a cause of other fashions that followed after. Dorothy Hamill, a famous Olympic gold medallist for figure skating in 1976 inspired the wedge cut; a short chin length haircut. Bill Gibb was the inventor of the diamond checked design that is still used on sweater vests. Men’s designs weren’t much different than the women’s. They wore mainly pink, purple and green fabrics and had their shirts unbuttoned. Hair was always better...
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