Role-Play Script

Topics: Marketing, By the Way, RM postcode area Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Role-play script
Tan Jun Hua as Tan
Chong Hui Ying as Chong
Gan Zi Qing as Gan
Wendy Hing Su Yee as Wendy
Tan-Good morning everyone. Thank you for attending the meeting. We are here to discuss what are the problems happens to the product Natural that make the sales drop continuously and we are going to find out the solution for it. What do you guys think about this? Wendy-I think one of the problems is the way of promotion. Through interviewing people on the street, we find out that most of the people don’t know about our product. I think the advertisement we make for Natural is not sufficient because we only make advertisement through health care magazines and radio. Gan-I agree to what Wendy said. I also think that the range of places that we sell our product is too small. This causes a problem to our customer. They have to go to particular shop to get the product which is not convenience. Tan-I agree with both of you. Let’s find out the solution to solve the problem. Do any of you have any suggestion? Chong-About the way of promotion, we can make the advertisement through more method like television advertisement, newspaper and flyers. By these, more people will be aware of our product. Gan-But I believe that, people nowadays spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer surfing internet. I think that we can use this opportunity to do more advertisement on the internet website such as Facebook, Yahoo or even Google. Tan -I think that is a good idea.I recently found that more and more business does their advertisement on the public transport. This is an interesting way of advertisement. Maybe we should try it too. What do you think about this, Wendy? Wendy-Yes, it is a very good way to advertise our product because public transports have the mobility so it will be just like a moving flyer. More and more people will get to know our product as it travel to different places. Tan-Thanks Wendy. So let’s move forward to the next topic. Where do you...
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