Research Proposal on the Effects of Motivation on Employee Productivity

Topics: Employment, Sampling, Organizational culture Pages: 16 (3459 words) Published: November 15, 2012
The effect of work related stress on employee productivity

A research proposal in partial fulfillment for the required award of a bachelor degree in business management department of Masinde Muliro university of science and technology. March, 2012

Declaration by the researchers

Declaration by the supervisor
PROFESSOR J.B. OSENO SIGN…………………….DATE…………………………


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background to the study
1.2 Statement of the Research Problem
1.3 The purpose of the study
1.4 Objectives of the study
1.5 The research questions
1.6 Hypothesis
1.7 The scope of the study
1.8 Significance of the study

2.0 Introduction

3.0 Introduction
3.1 The research design
3.2 The study area
3.3 The target population
3.4 Sampling procedure
3.5 Sample size
3.6 Data collection
3.7 Validity and reliability of the statement
3.8 Data analysis
3.9 Presentation of the findings

* Questionnaire
* Map of the place where the study is being conducted
* The organizational structure
* References

1.0 Introduction
This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, research questions, hypothesis, objectives of the study, the scope of the study, significance of the study and the conceptual framework.

1.1 Background of the Study
Work related stress has a vital role to play in organizations globally, nationally and even within. Recent statistics confirm that work related stress is wide spread in the UK working population and is not confined to particular sector or high risk jobs or industries. That is why population wide approach is necessary to tackle it. One such study was on organizational behavior by G.A COLE in African organizations. This study was motivated by the fact that public organizations are losing a significant number of fundamental in agro-economical and scientific development another study by Richard J.B willies (1992) address the issues of work related stress in cracking the stress problem by replacing them in a number of recognizable context. He conducted a stress management program in many countries e.g. Britain, England, Scotland, Ireland. It examined the innovative ways in which these countries were trying to limit the damages caused by work related stress on employee productivity. Currently the performance of workers in Kenya agricultural research institute has been declining. It is for this reason that researcher’s thought there was a need for a thorough study in order to identify the cause this problem. Work related stress on employees of a given organization cannot be emphasized neither can be looked down upon. It is estimated that almost half of the KARI employees undergo work related stress and their stress needs are not well taken care of. The huge backlog has caused many employees absentees and hostility derailing the organization target. This therefore calls for immediate action towards attaining a better solution.

1.2 The Statement of the research problem
Ogolla (2002:13) states that, the organization is a community of various categories of workers bound together by the same vision and mission and hence geared towards achieving a common goal of increased productivity, commercialization and competitiveness of the agricultural sector through generation and promotion of knowledge, information and technologies that respond to client demands and opportunities. The problem of work related stress is a global one affects both developing and industrial countries (Tetty,2006:11). KARI is well for the role it plays in the welfare of Kenyan farmers by providing agricultural advice on new technology and developments in the agricultural sector. But of late, workers have been...
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