Research Methodology in Accounting

Topics: Scientific method, Epistemology, Deductive reasoning Pages: 4 (1070 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Course Title Course Code Handout Prepared by : : : : Research Methodology in Accounting Acc 3231 01 – Introduction and Overview Dr.B.Nimalathasan

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this lesson you should be able to: • Understand the term of research in accounting. • Explain the scientific thinking. • Know the characteristics of research. • State the research in business. Research The term ‘Research’ means search for knowledge. Research is an art of scientific investigation on a specific problem or issue. Research is a human activity based on intellectual investigation and is aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising human knowledge on different aspects of the world. Research can use the scientific method, but need not do so. Research is also considered as the formal. Systematic and intensive process of carrying of the scientific method of analysis. It generally requires a systematic structure of investigation resulting in some sort of formal record of procedures and finally the preparation of a research report containing the suggestions and conclusions. Research in Accounting Research in accounting is concerned with solving problems, investigating relationships and building a body of knowledge. Because we rely to such a great extent on prior research in the natural and social sciences to do so. Bennett (1991) identifies four basic levels of research. • Description • Classification • Explanation • Prediction The Scientific Method

The ‘scientific method’ is the result of the combination of inductive as well as deductive methods of acquiring knowledge (Kokul, 1994). Inductive reasoning is one of the important methods of acquiring knowledge, in which a conclusion is reached by observing instances and generalizing from instances to the whole phenomenon. The following figure-1 shows the inductive reasoning.

Figure-1: Inductive reasoning Acc 3231 Research Methodology in Accounting Page 1

On the other hand, in deductive...
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