Report on the Differences, Advantages, Disadvantages of the Various Systems of Organisations.

Topics: Organization, Organizational structure, Structure Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Report on the differences, advantages, disadvantages of the various systems of organisations. Cover the mechanistic, human relations and systems approaches

I have chosen for my report three types of organisations: functional, divisional and matrix. Functional organisation is considered to has many characteristics of a mechanistic structure while divisional and matrix organisation have many characteristics of an organic management structure. So will be more difference between functional organisation and the other two then between divisional and matrix. Functional organisation is more a centralized structure mean while divisional and matrix are descentralizated structures. In a functional structure the employees work separately while in divisional and matrix structures the employees work as a team. Functional organisation responds very slowly to change while others two organisations respond quickly to change. Divisional and matrix organisation respond to the needs of their employees while functional organisation don’t entirely respond to their needs. In a matrix structure, the employee may reports to two different authorities, while in a divisional and functional structure the employee reports to the only one authority. Functional structure is a classic organizational structure where the employees are grouped hierarchically, managed through clear lines of authority, and report ultimately to one top person. Advantages

1. Offers a high level of specialization.
2. A worker who is an expert in his functional area can perform tasks with a high level of speed and efficiency, which enhances productivity. 3. Establishes a very concrete chain of command.

1. There are several barriers in communication and overall cooperation and coordination. 2. Has rigid and separate chains of command. This causes a slowly change to the environment. 3. Members of functional departments become overspecialized and neglect the larger view of the...
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