Reflection Worksheet

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Interview Reflection Worksheet

Please use the information from your interview to complete this worksheet. Submit this worksheet in the Module 2: Assignment Dropbox no later than Day 7 of Module 2. Include vocabulary and concepts from your reading and course site to support and illustrate your own insights. In preparation for the papers you’ll write later in this course, take the time to organize your thoughts for each question and write clearly.

1. Summarize how you were rated on the 4 components of Interpersonal Effectiveness. Where are you doing well? Where do you need some practice? (Simply report your findings – do not explain your position).

For the 4 components of Interpersonal Effectiveness, I was rated decently. In Emotional Intelligence, the only thing that I need to improve on is staying calm when speaking; I have a tendency to raise my voice and be overly intense. For Mindfulness, I was rated highly; I do posses the ability to maintain my full attention to the person and allow the person to speak before I do. Ethics was also rated highly, being able to keep in mind the situations of others. Competence was high, as well, I’m able to put aside my own differences in order to better understand others.

2. Discuss the differences and similarities between your interview results and your own self-assessment in Module 1: Discussion 2. How are people’s perceptions of your interpersonal effectiveness in alignment (or not) with your own? What surprised you?

Honestly, I was not surprised by the results of the interview and my own self-assessment. I knew coming into the interview that I needed to work on some things, specifically, Emotional Intelligence. I’ve always had a temper when talking with someone and they are either not listening to me or not understanding where I’m coming from. It does seem that when I’m talking to someone I don’t really know, my Emotional Intelligence is in check. I’m able to...
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