Quotation Identifications "The Story of Bobby O'Malley

Topics: Mother, Family, English-language films Pages: 5 (2176 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Identifications: Chapters 5-8
1. For a moment, my mother raised her eyes, and the three of us were caught looking at one another, caught in what we didn’t know then was a line of love. * Bobby is speaking, he is speaking to the render, and he is speaking about his mother and father and him. * This is the day of or a few days before Harold’s mother left and Bobby’s father is moping around and when bobby went to his room him and his mother and father were all reflected in the mirror. * The significance of this passage is Bobby and his family are feeling a lot of emotion during this time, and when they see each other in the mirror they realise that they are a family and they see all the things that are bothering each other through that reflection. Looking through a pane of glass. 2. It was me the SS looked at when my father disappeared, as if my being rendered impossible the explanation restored sanity to the world- namely, that what one of them called “the creature on the tricycle “had been me.that might have * Bobby is speaking, he is speaking to the reader, and he is speaking about Teddy, Agnes and the SS. * This is when teddy was doing the eight-o-clock crumb patrol “and the SS came over and seen Teddy on his Tricycle with his vacuum attached to it. * The significance of this passage is that Agnes snaps at Teddy and tells him to grow up or get out. This is a very big step for Agnes. It also proves that Agnes is not a free spirit at all and won’t let Teddy bring out his child within him. Any other wife would usually laugh but Agnes believes that everything must be proper and it’s quite sad because Bobby and his father don’t want to live like that. 3. “Dragons” we call them, to be on the make for girls was to be “hunting dragons.” * Bobby is speaking, he is speaking to the reader, and he is talking about different girls who he and his friends go around trying to talk to and ask on a date. * This is when Bobby starts going to a new school and making new friends, Bobby and his new friends would walk around town trying to scope out girls who they thought maybe were cute and maybe they had a chance of them talking to them. Bobby and his friends referred to this event as “hunting dragons.” * The significance of this passage is that this is a very important time in Bobby’s life, he is starting to mature at realise the strong attraction he has to the opposite sex. This is where Bobby starts to begin to be a man. 4. I don’t say she took revenge for the times she cried alone, only that, in her rise, his fall, there seemed to her a neat justice, from the full appreciation of which she would not be kept. * This is Bobby speaking, he is speaking to the reader, and he is talking about after his father’s death when his mother would sob and sob for hours. * This is when Bobby’s father dies and Agnes begins to get very depressed and she begins to do things that she would never do. This is weird for Bobby especially because he is taking his father’s death a little harder then she is.

* The significance if this passage is that Bobby’s mother seemed to change drastically after Teddy’s death, she cried a lot. Bobby realises that he does not want to be a priest during this time and decides that he will determine his future not his mother. 5. “There were no other nights,” he said, and he said it has, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he had determined to do neither. * This is Teddy speaking, he is speaking to Bobby and he is talking about his Agnes and how they have only had one night of sex and that was the night Bobby was conceived * This is when Teddy tells Bobby about the night that him and Agnes conceived Bobby, and how that was the ONLY night they have ever had sex throughout their marriage. * The significance of this passage is this is when Bobby learns that his family isn’t like other families; he also sees that his mother is not like most. 6. With her hands, she...
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