Procter and Gamble Swot Analysis

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Procter and Gamble: Competitive Analysis

Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G) is a multinational company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. It manufactures a wide range of consumer goods such as beauty, household care such as baby care and family care and fabric and home care, but also health and well being such as snacks and pet care.

SWOT Analysis

* Strengths: - Reaches retailers and consumers at the right place and time. * Well-driven brand building by benefiting customers.
* Translates consumer desires into new products.
* Brand recognition all around the world.

* Weaknesses: - Out of hand management because of too much diversification. * Supply Chain System failing in some Countries.
* No presence at all in some other countries especially in the third world countries.

* Opportunities: - Opportunity to reach new target markets in third world countries such as Africa. * Can be more efficient as far as distribution and getting to retailers. * Investing in more countries around the world especially third world countries to implement brands, target markets and be close to retailers and customers.

* Threats: - Tough competition such as Unilever.
- Possibilities of concurrent to invest in third world countries and eventually monopolize the market.

Pest Analysis

* Political: - Lobbying activities.
* Focus on legislative and public policy issues that impact the Company’s bottom line and long-term business interests.

* Economic: - Substitute threats (same product but cheaper such as store brands or direct competitor cheaper prices).

* Socio-cultural: - Using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging. - Having zero consumer waste go to landfills.
- Designing products to delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources. - Powering our plants with 100% renewable energy.
- Emitting no fossil-based CO2 or toxic emissions....
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