Physical Education Chapter 10

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Multiple choice.
1) Fine motor skills involve the recruitment of: B
2) Reaction time decreases when: B
3) An example of knowledge of performance would be: C
Short answer.
1) Why is knowledge of results important feedback for beginners? Because they are told what they are doing wrong, and the results can show some things that they can improve on, instead of repeating the same mistakes.

2) Discuss the psychological refractory period using a sporting example to illustrate your answer: When an individual responds to one stimuli, but as another one comes, there is a momentary delay in processing the second of two stimuli received in quick succession. For example, Pitchers and bowlers in softball and cricket will try to take advantage of the psychological refractory period by slowing in the delivery of a ball. If the batter believes it is a fast ball, they will begin movement preparation in anticipation of the delivery.

3) Using a sporting example, demonstrate how you could communicate instructions to a team at half time utilising more than one learning style: In soccer if the team coach wants strikers to push up when in control of the ball, the coach can verbally explain this (auditory), or he could draw an attacking formation on the board (visual).

4) Greater anticipation is a characteristic of elite performers: a) Why is anticipation important in a sporting environment? If someone can predict a play, it’ll decrease reaction time and increase the preparation for the anticipation to be made.

b) For a sport of your choice, develop one drill to improve anticipation for a specific outcome. For basketball, you should usually be no further than 1-3 metres of your man whilst you’re defending, so that you can anticipate the pass intercept.
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