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Topics: Building, House, Construction Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Modern buildings are appearing in large numbers, and some people belive that we should builld our buildings in traditional styles. To what extent do you agree or not?

In many cities, we have witnessed amazing development of modern buildings over the past decades. However, some people advocate that all buildings should be constructed in traditional styles. Personally, I believe that we should not stick to traditional styles.

There is a good number of reasons to back my opinion. Firstly, nowadays, urban land is increasingly scarce, and by contrast, municipal populations are constantly rising, thus, we need to make the best use of each inch of space. According to an architectual theory, in order to contain the same amount of people, traditional style buildings will require nearly 10 times as much land as modern style buildings. So to boost sustainable urbanizaiton, we should embrace modern styles as a more space-efficient approach. Secondly, human-beings are now experiencing more frequent and devastating natural disasters than ever before. Traditional styles tend to be difficult to apply high-standard building codes. On the other hand, modern style buildings are more likely to be constructed with more protection mechanisms to withstand catastrophes. Lastly, a building can be called “the concretion of art”, which means it represents the aesthetic distinctiveness of its age. If we apply traditional styles into all our buildings discrimnately, unfortunately, our contemporary characteristics will be neglected in this form of art..

Nevertheless, we can also consider building traditional styels in some places. For example, there exist many historic areas where a wide range of antique dwellings have been preserved over the past thousands of years. We can not build a steel-and-glass skyscraper among these houses, otherwise we will ruin the entire picture and beget a tragic loss of humanity and arts.

In summary, in densely populated regions, we should choose...
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