Personal Philosophy Paper Assignment

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Personal Philosophy                                        6th Period                                 Gerardo Martinez I think that individuals in a society should function in a way to help each other to sustain a community alive and well. In order to keep the flow within a society continuous, the individuals in the society should abide by the rules of their community, which are set to prevent disorder or avoid a halt a community’s progress, and in this way a society can go on with its processes. Individuals should respect each other, and the rest, within their community; it is on these bases that humans have evolved with the basic morals that we recognize today. However religions have improved and "streamlined" basic regulations of ancient communities, and those "dogmas" or rules, from whatever origin they're from, are what influenced organizations to get to how they are today, like the Puritan, Anglican, and traditional British influences on the US Constitution.  I believe that people should be educated especially if they are interested in receiving that knowledge, preferably with vocational schooling or internships, just like the apprenticeships that were popular in Europe long ago, but as for less technical subjects or careers, the traditional lectures should be adequate, like it should be in a university. I think that schools should be free for those that would truly benefit and thrive in them, but they’re not. However some reasons why people do not support free college are not unjustified. Students who wouldn’t commit themselves to take advantage of that free education would be obviously wasting people’s tax money. But unfortunately I’m not sure that’s the only reason why college isn't free, like it is in Europe and elsewhere. Along the lines of morals, I believe them to be as they are in the Christian tradition, but as for culture, since religion can’t explain that, I am left to decide myself what is better for me. I personally find the culture of 21st...
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