Pasar Dan Konsumen

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Pasar dan konsumen
Jawa Tengah menjadi salah satu pasar potensial untuk penjualan mobil Honda, Konsumen terbanyaknya dari kalangan muda Peringkat ke 5 dalam penjualan otomotif nasional (akhir 2012) Toyota                      :  35.855 unit

Suzuki                        : 15.655 unit,
Mitsubishi                 :  15.005 unit,
Daihatsu                   :  14.882 unit 
Honda                       :    9.178 unit 
Brand identity
TOYOTA (Kuat, Konvensional, Berkualitas)
HONDA (Kencang, Irit, Canggih)
MITSUBISHI (Kencang, Boros, Canggih)
DAIHATSU (Irit, Murah)
SUZUKI (Irit, Murah)
MAZDA (Kencang, Boros, Unik)
Nissan (Kencang, Kuat)

Government regulation relating to the type, function of a motor vehicle 1. A maximum of 8 passengers (Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 55 Tahun 2012) 2. Terdapat kawasan jalur 3 in 1
3. Penerapan aturan plat nomer ganjil-genap (Jakarta)
4. Dasar Pengenaan Pajak Kendaraan Bermotor dan Bea Balik Nama Kendaraan Bermotor (PP NOMOR 2 TAHUN 2012)

Porters 5 forces of competition for Nissan
Threat of Entrants: (Low threat) For any Nissan competitor, there are significant barriers to entry, including finding and sourcing suppliers to build various components, setting up manfucaturing operations, and establishing a dealer network through which to sell cars.

Buyer Power: (Low Buyer power) Buyers are pretty fragmented around the world, and new cars can only be sold through authorized dealers, so buyers have relatively little power, though they obviously have choices from competitors so they are not completely without power. As for service, Nissan buyers have many choices so there is more power there.

Supplier Power: (Limited) Nissan, like all car companies, probably has some switching costs and transaction costs to switch suppliers, so the suppliers probably have some negotiating power, but it's probably limited.

Threat of Substitutes: (Medium) Nissan certainly works to build...
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