Nissan Electronic Car. Case Analysis

Topics: Vertical integration, Strategic management, Automobile Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: February 19, 2013
1. Explain Nissans strategy in EVs including the Alliance?

EVs, the electronic vehicle that Nissan brought to the market. This kind of vehicle can use electric energy instead of gas as the power of engine. It is a special new technology which is energy saving. The main strategies include business strategy, global strategy and corporate strategy includeing the alliance.

Nissan's business strategy of EVs is differentiation. Because of the feature of Nissan's product is different from most of products in other vehicle company. It's a new technology which is all electric vehicle and zero emission. Unlike several companies, Nissan does not choose to produce hybird vehicles like HEV and PHEV. Instead, Nissan focused on complete electronic vehicle like the model of LEAF. Nissan also has two of its own business models for their EVs. The first one is to sell the car and the battery at one unit, which is same with other auto makers. But the second one is sell the car and leasing the batteries which is unique. In terms of reputation based on social culture, it's all win. Since the LEAF is good for environment and good for public. On the other hand, Nissan does not selling low price as their strategy in order to attract customers. Instead, Nissan focuses more on service. It said that in essence it was selling a car plus its services.

Furthermore, Nissan implements the global strategy to better enter the global market. The LEAF has already entered U.S. and the markets in some European countries. They still focus on entering Chinese market and more European market. Nissan cannot enter Chinese market because of some government political issues. But Ghosn believes that its EVs car can take a leadership position when the government outlined a clear direction for EVs. Because the technology of EVs is much...
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