Case Study Nissan.Com Fundamentals of Ebusiness

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Case Study 1

1. Nissan Motor Company is concerned about the use of the domain names and because they do not want potential customers to miss finding their site. They feel the name Nissan is associated with their company, that they could lose sales by having a domain name other than or However I do not feel that a $10 million dollar judgment is justified. Even if customers will not find Nissan immediately upon using the above domain names, they can use Google or Bing to find the domain name. At this stage of internet use, I think that most users would attempt to find Nissan Motor Company using a search engine. Nissans concern over Uzi Nissans use of the name and websites has to do with brand management. Nissan (Auto Company) feels that by Uzi using the name for his consultant and import/export business, this will confuse consumers that are using the web as a source of information when searching for a car. With most other large auto industry’s-their brand name is also the selling point for the web. When a consumer shopping for a car want to visit Honda, or Toyota, or BMW’s site- you are immediately taken there just by entering in the information to the URL. takes you to Uzi Nissan’s site and to the ongoing issues of the law suit. Nissan Motor feels that Uzi is diluting the Nissan Auto Brand. The error made by Nissan was not purchasing the domain name immediately, however if you do a Google search on Nissan, the website that shows up is The $10 million, in my opinion is really not justifiable. I understand that if Nissan were to obtain the rights to the sites that Uzi has obtained then a change in online branding will need to occur but the justification for that amount is not there.

2. In Uzi Nissans defense, he was granted the rights to use his name to start his online business. This is a direct quote “In December 1987, I...
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