Papa Jhon's Pizza

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Papa John's Pizza restaurants chain, owned by John H. Schnatter, is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The Company is fourth place among pizza restaurants, with a 4.1 percent market share. The chain has grown by adding 1290 new restaurants in just 5 years and the Company expects restaurant sales to top $1 billion this year. Papa John's stakeholders are customers, staff, franchisees and shareholders. The Company prioritized its stakeholders and community as it shows by varied CSR actions. One of the CSR actions that the company is taking part in is financial support for the Boy Scouts of America. The Company urges youth to develop their character and explore worldwide citizenship, among other things. By contributing to the Boy Scouts, the Company implements one of its core values of accountability for its community and customers. The values outlined in the Company mission statement are focus, accountability, superiority, P.A.P.A. (People Are Priority Always), attitude and constant improvement. In my opinion, the most important value outlined in the Company’s mission statement is accountability. The Company's accountability focuses on its customers, the staff, the franchisees and the shareholders.

The financial crisis in 2008 affected the pizza industry. Papa John's had to face several challenges. For example, the cheese price rose, which made it difficult to compete against cheap hamburgers chains. In addition, nowadays customers are looking for more fashionable and healthier dining options, which lead to a sales drop. In response, the company's strategy is giving financial assistance and special marketing support to its franchisees. For example, the Company delays royalties generated from internet generated sales that it collects from its franchisees. In addition, the Company is reducing the price of cheese sold to its franchisee. Please refer to this memo's attachment that summarizes store numbers of pizza companies' vs. McDonald's. I hope I have answered all...
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