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|Trident University Module 1 Case Assignment 1Course Number: OPM300Intro. to Operations Mgmt Professor: Dr. Nicholas BowersoxDate: 10 April 2013|

Operation management “the hard rock café”|

The Hard Rock Café has been able to not only survive the times but thrive and expand its company. From the changes in its menus to the sale of its trendy merchandise the company continues to stay at the top of the service industry. Continual improvement of its processes and sound management practices make this possible. Hard Rock uses these ten critical decisions of operational management; “Service and product design, Quality management, Process and capacity design, Location, Layout design/Job design, Supply-chain management, Inventory management, Scheduling and Maintenance”. These practices give the Hard Rock Café an edge in meeting new and growing needs of the restaurant, and entertainment industry. The service and product design Hard Rock sells is not just food, it’s a statement and a storied culture that has changed with time as we do as people. The “living on the edge” crowd of the 1980s can still live a little on the edge today in a Hard Rock restaurant, casino or even in a rock concert. The company is selling the feeling of still being a rebel. Hard Rock Café has grown into a successful industry that was once limited to a twenty something budget to grow with the wallets of the generation that gave birth to it. The quality management has been a key factor providing an environment that people want to continue to come back to. High quality products such as gourmet food, quality merchandise, and excellent service have kept the Hard Rock from dying. The individual sight managers alongside with the overall operation managers are responsible for maintaining the high quality products and environment that people expect to find there. Hard Rocks process and capacity design along with location selection are chosen based on high population areas with...
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