Research on Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie Filipino Restaurant

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  • Published: June 8, 2012
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In order to gain high revenues, every restaurant business should have their own unique strategies. Customer satisfaction is the most fundamental goal that is, when achieved, will make the business stay in the market. Keeping up with the world’s diversions such as updating technologies and trends is vital in order to survive the competition in the industry. Hence, appropriate business strategies and techniques should be applied for it will direct the management to lasting resources, and eventually, to long lasting success. This particular study is comprised of helpful approaches and most preferred ideas that will lead to alternative solutions to problems. Marketing Strategy in the Hospitality Industry has many focal points. Obviously, the number one focus is on the target market. How your message is presented with respect to the core market, price, and positioning and total value perception is what marketing strategy is all about. Further, in the Hospitality Industry we have a more complex distribution channel upon which to focus. This aspect of the Hospitality Industry creates the need for multiple communications strategies. The nurture, care, and conveying of what the brand stands for and how it meets and needs of the consumer is what marketing strategy perception is all about. This perception translates action and to purchases. The perception created by packaging the brand helps to dictate the price consumers are willing to pay. Conveying how the brand meets the specific needs of buyers is one role of marketing strategies and promotional techniques. (Nykiel, 2005)

A way to start and create a successful restaurant business is to make it exceptional. Having a choice from the types of restaurants such as a casual dining restaurant or a formal dining, might be a great start as one of your marketing strategy. Identifying its uniqueness and studying its characteristics will be greatly helpful...
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