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Topics: Education, History of education, Identification Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 17, 2013
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Authors Name:Arleen R. Bejerano
Summary of the Article:
All over the country, online learning is becoming the new age way of receiving an education. We see this trend growing more and more that almost every college and university offers some sort of education away from the traditional classroom setting. As this becomes more and more popular some people are raising the question of whether or not students who choose to pursue an online education are getting the same benefits and knowledge to be successful in their chosen career paths as an individual who gets their education in the traditional classroom setting. This article defines online education and its origins, identifies institutions that offer it and the students who take these courses. There is also a discussion on why individuals should be cautioned when trying to replace traditional classroom instruction with online technologies.

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Authors Name:Robbins, Catherine J. , Bradley, Elizabeth H., Spicer, Maryanne, Mecklenburg, Gary A Summary of the Article:
With the demand of Healthcare Administration degrees on the rise, practitioners are raising the question on the quality of preparation in the graduates. A study is presented of an intergrated approach to leadership development. The thought is to design a competency tool for graduates who aspire to fill senior leadership roles in complex, provider based healthcare organizations. This tool can help career planning among the graduates and may also help directors of the programs to help identify strengths and gaps in their curriculum.
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