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Topics: Discrimination, Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology Pages: 12 (3125 words) Published: December 24, 2012
1. Do you think representation in top management is a fair indicator of the effects of diversity training programs? Why or why not? Ans. Yes I think representation in top management is a fair indicator of the effects of diversity training programs. “Diversity programs are truly effective in improving representation in management. They include strategies to measure the representation of women and minorities in managerial positions, and they hold managers accountable for achieving more demographically diverse management teams.” 2. Why might one-shot diversity training programs be ineffective? Ans. There is no strong representation of management in one-shot diversity training programs which make training program ineffective. Moreover one-short diversity program does not have any strategies. Organizations that provided diversity training were not consistently more likely to have women and minorities in upper management positions than organizations that did not which makes training ineffective. One-shot training sessions without strategies to encourage effective diversity management back on the job are not likely to be very effective. 3. What significant obstacles must be overcome to make diversity programs effective? Ans. Well it is certainly clear that there should be strong representation of management to make diversity programs effective. Proportionally not representation of employees in top management is a significant obstacle which be overcome to make diversity programs effective. Selection system should be more transparent. Providing training for employees who have not had adequate exposure to certain material in past is a significant obstacle. Ineffective communication of organization policies and practices leads to ineffective diversity programs which is a significant obstacle. 4. How could you design more effective diversity programs?

Ans. My effective diversity program involves strong representation of management along with employees. My diversity program teach “the legal framework for equal employment opportunity and encourage fair treatment of all people regardless of their demographic characteristics.” Program teaches “how a diverse workforce will be better able to serve a diverse market of customers and clients.” My effective diversity program designed for “foster personal development practices that bring out the skills and abilities of all workers, acknowledging how differences in perspective can be a valuable way to improve performance for everyone.” DIVERSITY AND WHY IT MATTERS

Reference: Exhibit 12.1, Predicted U.S. Population, Distributed by Race, 2005-2070 Diversity: a variety of demographic, cultural, and personal differences among an organization’s employees and the customers.

1 Diversity: Differences That Matter

Learning objective: Describe diversity and why it matters.

1.1 Diversity Is Not Affirmative Action

A common misperception is that diversity and affirmative action are linked.
Affirmative action: purposeful steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women.
However, there are many differences between diversity and affirmative action: Affirmative Action| Diversity|
Narrowly focused on demographics such as gender and race.| Broader focus that includes demographic, cultural, and personal differences.| Is a result of purposeful steps taken by an organization.| May occur naturally within an organization.| Required by law in many states.| Not required by law; organizations may adopt it voluntarily.| The purpose is to compensate for past discrimination.| The purpose is to create a positive work environment where no one is advantage or disadvantaged.| May involve a punitive approach.| Encourages organization to value all kinds of differences.| Many view it as giving preferential treatment to women and other minorities.| Many view it as giving no preference to any groups.| People who...
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