Notes on International Management

Topics: International trade, Free trade, World Trade Organization Pages: 41 (7104 words) Published: August 28, 2012

International Management is the major challenge facing organisations entering the new millennium. All countries and companies are part of the super competitive global marketplace. Therefore students should be more knowledgeable about the international dimensions of management and should establish critical thinking in the area. The course will examine managerial issues in cross – national business operations. The focus will be on the intersection between strategic management and organisation theory. A new synthesis of knowledge about globalisation and organisational life will be introduced too. The scope and intensity of operations expand and exceed the national domestic market among firms and industries. This determines different levels of commitment by a firm to the international market. International management is not just conducting international business transactions abroad, but working with people who may not share the same cultural background.


This course aims not only to impart knowledge about a body of research but also to help students develop their own interests and preferences in international business related issues.

The course also aims to the need for the cross-cultural manager to discover the features of the culture within the working environment and to assess the significance of change processes. The module emphasizes the importance of cultural differences and the difficulties of working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The module also elaborates on the functional aspects of international management.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, students should be able to:

1.Review and critically appraise current trends in international investment and trade 2.Critically analyse some of the major developments and issues in the various regions of the world

3.Critically examine some of the major changes that are currently taking place in the political, legal, social, technological environment all over the world and draw conclusion on opportunities created by these to Multinational Corporations.

4.Compare and contrast the recent, non-traditional organisational arrangement coming out of different forms of collaborations 5.Examine some of the major ethical issues and problems confronting Multinational Corporations 6.Examine the trend towards a true global perspective by multinational companies

Module Content

|Environment for International Management | |Political Environment | |Legal and regulatory Environment | |Economic Environment | |Technological Environment | |Cultural Dimensions of International Management | |Strategies for Managing Across Cultures | |Managing Multiculturalism | |International Strategic Management: Planning, Organisation And Control | |Competitive Advantage of Firms in Global Industries | |Total Quality and Learning Organisations | |Getting results within and between firms : Motivating and Negotiating...
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