Fast Fitness Marketing Audit of 2005 - a Sample Marketing Plan

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Fast Fitness Marketing Audit of 2005
Table of content:
I. Objectives of the Fast Fitness Marketing Audit
II. Environment
II/a. External Environment
A. Macro-environment
- Economic
- Political/Legal
- Social/Cultural
- Technological
B. Task Environment
- Distribution systems
- Support systems
C. Market Environment
- Markets
- Target segments
- Competitors
- Five force analysis
D. Publics Environment
II/b. Internal Environment
E. Marketing Strategy audit
- Business mission/vision/goals
- Marketing objectives and goals
- Strategy
F. Marketing organisation Audit
G. Marketing System Audit
H. Marketing Productivity Audit
J. Conclusion/Recommendation
I. Objectives of the Fast Fitness Marketing Audit
The objective of this present Marketing Audit is to gather systematically all the comprehensive business relevant data of Fast Fitness’s environment, objectives, strategies and activities. The Audit’s goal is to determine problem areas and opportunities and to recommend a plan of action to improve the company’s marketing performance. As this audit is done at the firs quarter of 2006, here we check the last year(s) accomplishments, and double check of the 2006 plan details. II. Environment

II/a. External Environment
A. Macro-environment
- Economic
Since 2002 by 2005 the global economic climate was quite well performing, slowly but steadily growing. Australia appears in some statistics as the world’s 3rd best performing economy, so it is reasonable to expect that fitness is a good business opportunity here, as even average people can afford to spend on their own health. - Political/Legal

Phil Murray gained personal training qualifications through the Australian Council of Health and Physical Education and Recreation organisation. Thanks to this the company has a legal basis for operating, and is belonging under the law organisation protecting fitness providers against unreasonable civil lawsuits. Therefore there hasn’t been any serious complaint in past years, and there is no action required at the moment, unless some environmental changes don’t indicate that. - Social/Cultural

Healthy mindset is becoming more popular between all the various aged people, more and more fitness opportunities are required year to year. The “Fat Nations” want to loose their unhealthy fat stocks these days. Because of today sport is not only for the young generations, Fast Fitness is utilising smart on a new target market. - Technological

Since fitness is on the scene since decades, there are all the best exercising equipments, food on supplements and vitamins already the market, and Fast Fitness has the resources to get all the newest tools in work for the personal trainings. B. Task Environment

- Distribution systems
There is some missing information in the marketing plan about the distribution channels, since we know that we have 4 good locations with parking available, but we don’t know how many members can be served maximum by each location, and we don’t know if we exceed it in 2006 or not. Immediate data is needed about that, and should be included in the plan the next facility extension date. - Support systems

Should include details in the marketing plan, and monitor continuously, if Fast Fitness is owning the 4 facilities or renting them, what is their financial cost per month, what changes can be expected (changes in ownership or rental circumstances), and if there is any plan to manage these questions or not. Need to be defined as soon as possible. C. Market Environment

- Markets
In Australia the fitness industry memberships were grown from 702000 to 969000 by yearly 6% to 15% during 2002 to 2005. For Sydney North and South where Fast Fitness is operating it meant $46M-$64M in sales. Based on these, the planned 2,52% market share increase and the 498 memberships resulting $514727 net operating profit seems to be a realistic goal. - Target segments

I didn’t find much about surveys and customer satisfaction...
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