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1. The Arab Muslims traders stepped on the Indian soil for the first time in the first hijra century. 2. The first Indian national to embrace Islam was the ruler of a small state known as ‘Kirning Noor’. 3. Muslims fought their first battle on the Indian shore during the Khilafat of Caliph Umar when the governor of Bahrain invaded a sea port ‘Tana’ situated near Bombay. 4. Muhammad Bin Qasim was seventeen when he invaded Sindh. on 28th October711 A.D. 5. At the time of advent of Islam Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinuidm were the main three religions in India. 6. Indian was known as the ‘Golden sparrow’ because of its sound economy and resources. 7. The spread of Islam in the Sub-continent, owes much to the selfless and dedicated services of eminent sufis, mystics, and religions leaders such as Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Khawaja Mueen-ud-Din Chishty. Sheikh Baha-ud-Din Zakria, Khawaja Bakhtiar Kaki, Baba Farid-ud-Din Olia, Majadid Alf Sani, Shah Wali Ullah and many others of those times. 8. The first incidence of War of independence took place on 26th February 1857. 9. Mangal Panda is the first soldier of war of independence. 10. On April 24th 1857, sepoy in Meerut, started war of independence. 11. In September 1857 Delhi was regained, and Bahadar Shah Zafar was surrendered. 12. In Punjab Rae Ahmed Kharal and Nizam Lohar fought against British bravely. 13. Urdu and Hindi languages are the result of the interaction of Sanskrit, Parakrit, Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages. 14. The term ‘ideology’ means science of idea.

15. Ideology is a system of ‘ideas’ which reflect the way of thinking of a nation or a class who has been denied its due place in society. 16. Pakistan ideology is based on the ideals of Islamic system and it was a reaction of the sub-continent. 17. The famous slogan ‘Pakistan Ka matlab kiya, La illal-lah’ become the core of freedom movement and the basis of Pakistan. 18. Pakistan ideology is based on the fact that the Muslims are a separate nation, having their own culture, civilization, customs, literature, religion and way of life. 19. Pakistan ideology was founded on the Two-Nation Theory which meant that Hindus and Muslims were two different and separate nations whose understanding of life was quite different from each other. 20. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is the pioneer of the Two-Nation Theory. 21. As far as the meaning and definition of Pakistan ideology is concerned, it basically means that Pakistan should be a state where the Muslims should have an opportunity to live according to their faith and creed based of Islamic principles. 22. During stay in England MA. Jinnah took part in the election campaign of Dadabhai Noroji, a leading Indian nationalist, who become the first ever Indian to be elected to the House of Commons. 23. In 1906 Jinnah become the member of All Indian National Congress. 24. The first stage of Quaid upto 1906 is called germination stage. 25. Frome 1906-1916 this period of Quaid is called and idealism period. 26. Quaid first political visit to England is with Gopal Krishana Gokhale. 27. Quaid served as secretary to Dadabhai Noaroji.

28. Quaid in December 1906 made his first political speech in support of resolution on self government. 29. In 1909, Jinnah was elected to the Imperial Legislative Council. 30. In 1913, Jinnah becomes member of All India Muslim League. 31. In 1920, Jinnah resigned from Congress.

32. In k1937 Lacknow session Quaid successfully convinced Sir Skindar Hayat Khan to join the Muslim League. 33. Divide and Quit movement started in 1942.
34. On 28th June 1933, Ch.Rehmat Ali issued a pamphlet entitled ‘Now or Never’. 35. Ch. Rehmat Ali became the originator of the name ‘Pakistan’. 36. In 1933 Ch. Rehmat Ali established ‘Pakistan National Movement’ to launch his struggle for the idea of Pakistan. 37. In 1940 the All India...
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