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Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Massachusetts, Plymouth Colony Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: October 9, 2012
New England
1. Massachusetts
* 1620- Plymouth is founded. 120 people came to Plymouth. When founded, ½ of the 120 settlers signed the Mayflower Compact. People who convinced them to sign it were Miles Standish and William Bradford [governor of Plymouth]. Later, Plymouth turned into the Massachusetts Bay Colony (M.B.C) * 1629- M.B.C. formed. Goverener was John Winthrop. He called his colony a “city upon a hill” because he wanted it to rise above other cities. 3 important industries were fishing, ship building, and trading. (Because water related. Boston was a major trading area.) * Religion is important… Called Massachusetts the “Bible Commonwealth”. * 2 Dissenters:

(a) Anne Hutchinson (Spoke out against church -> banished.) (b) Roger Williams (Changes MBC to separate from church -> banished and he forms Rhode Island.) 2. Rhode Island

* Formed by Roger Williams in 1636
* Known for religious tolerance
* Called the “lord’s debris”
3. Connecticut
* Founded in 1636 by Rev. Thomas Hooker
* Drafted “The Fundamental Orders” – a modern constitution. 4. New Hampshire
* 1679. Created by Charles II
* Used to be a part of Massachusetts
* Economy depended on ocean (fishing, ship building and trading) * Religion played a big role
* Modern forms of Constitution
* Soil and climate not fit for farming + plantation style (small farmers) * Town halls
* Idea of self-made man

Middle Colonies (The Breadbasket Colonies)

1) New York/ New Netherlands
* Originally established by the Dutch
* NYC used to be called New Amsterdam
* Established in 1623
* Set up by Peter Minuit
* The colony wasn’t very organized
* Many people from different countries settled there
* Peter Styvesen was important leader, but not liked by the people * Charles II gives New Amsterdam + Netherlands to his brother, the Duke of York in 1664 * Peter...
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